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Consequences of the War

The war consisted of two sides, namely the Allied nations (Unites States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union and China) and the Axis nation (Germany and Italy), who got its name from literary being a line between the capital cities of Berlin and Rome. Throughout the War many countries would give and take their places in the Axis, but at the end it was just Germany and Japan standing together.

The big uproar began when German invaded Poland in 1939 and the end was with the Japanese surrendering to the US 6 years later. Over these six years many men would fight over thousands of miles on both sea and land.

Death Toll

Throughout the whole war including the smaller side battles an estimated 50million military and civilian men lost their lives. Next to those deaths we also had Adolf Hitler and the Nazis who had killed over 15million Jews, and over 14 million civilian lives were taken by the Japanese as they died as prisoners of the war.


The war had a big effect on the United States as it turned from a small isolated places to s modern superpower in the new world. The War was also the start of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), which later became the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).


Adolf Hitler opposed Communism and use the Soviet Russia as a threat to justify his moves. When we look at it closely the Soviets and the Nazis help each other with planning of the war. After Hitler gained his power he killed thousands of Communists.



Munich helped to seal a relationship between Hitler and Mussolini, who was a former Communist, yet there was a big difference gap between their nationalism and racism. The big desire for power led a partnership between Italy and Germany.

Japan expansion

During the 1930’s Japan launched a series of attacked and invasions that set the stage for the War. The Japanese’s lacked a strong and powerful leader until Hideki Tojo stepped in in 1941. They had not been big in the technological states back then so they relied on their national myths. The league of Nation that was formed with the intention to put an end to the wars had failed when Italy had conquered Ethiopia in 1936.

Victories of the Axis

When the Battle of Britain began, Mussolini want on to plot and execute an attack on Britain in Africa. Back in Europe, Hitler was busy convincing Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria into joining the Axis Powers.

The twist as tides turn

The Nazis was fast doubling in their size as they took over most of western Russia, the rest of the invasion in Russia was delayed due to the horrible cold winters and the fact that Hitler and his staff kept having arguments. This lead to Hitler taken personal control of the war and not relaying on any staff.

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