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America is a history rich nation who would not have been as big or strong as it is now without all the hardship and tears that it had to go through. This site takes a close look at the Civil War from 1848 to 1865 that helped America to be a nation of equal rights and start the freedom of slavery. The war started because the Free states and the Slaves states did not agree and became too much to handle.

The Presidents from the past helped to guide the nation, as did Theodore Roosevelt who only did one term in the White House. As he only completed one sitting he did not make such a big difference, but he made an everlasting impact on America as he was the first person to invite a Black American into the White House.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a bigger impact as he did his speech on “I have a Dream”, he started and completed many marches and protest in his lifetime. On one of his marches he was assassinated on the balcony of his hotel room. It took the police two months to find his killer and convict him.


Most of the American history involves brave people dying, but the worst one is WWII. The Axis and Allied Powers fought a mighty battle as thousands and thousands of brave soldiers offered their lives for their countries. For six years men gave their lives and woman took over the men’s jobs and took care of the sick and wounded, the War finally ended when Japan surrendered.

With the War and assassinations going up and down a new threat for the America humans came to life, Yellow Fever. As the fever pop up out of nowhere, it soon became a pandemic as thousands of people died from a mosquito bite. By referring to the name, the infected showed symptoms of extreme high fever and a yellow like shine in the face and body followed by vomiting and then death came soon.

Like any other story it needs a happy section to, when Abraham Lincoln came into the lime light of the Americans no one knew of his hardship and sorrow as a child. He was a caring and giving president as he was the only one to donate money for the Civil war, but yet he was also assassinated from the world into the history books. From the history to modern days it was the music that helped many of the men forget their tears and move on.


Later.. far back in the beginning America witnessed the War of Independence, here they started to suffer from a thing called Taxes. They taxed the people to raise money for the government, many people were not happy with this and protesting started. One thing led to another and they were at war, the main part of the war ended when London surrendered.

As the world grew bigger and the people demanded more from their everyday life, the Industrial Revolution started in the 1760’s. Big factory popped up and machines soon took over the nations, men and woman started to work and cheap labour (children) soon followed.

Yet another war started for the books, the First Tripoli war, also known as the Barbary war (it was not the last). Like any war it started with a dispute and ended with Bashaw paying the U.S. sixty thousand dollars with the peace treaty.